Ginseng Honeyed Slices

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The roots of six-year old ginseng can be processed in different ways. We offer whole ginseng roots marinated in honey or honey fine slices. The slices have a delicious sweet flavour and are also suitable for small children. Honey sliced ginseng wards off fatigue and supply the body with energy. They also help against travel sickness. Try just one slice before travelling.

Product name : Ginlac Fermented Korean Red Ginseng Honeyed Slices
Content : 20g×10pouches(200g) in present box
Classification : Sugaring food
Ingredients : Red ginseng: 51.8%, Fructooligosaccharide, Honey: 9.8%, Fermented red ginseng extract: 2.4%
Recommended intake and method : 1~3 slices at a time
Storage : Store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. After first opening, keep zipper closed for storage.
Inner packing material : Polyethylene
Manufacturer : KUAN Industrial Co. Ltd., SOUTH KOREA


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