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100% pure 6 years old Korean ginseng extract of the highest quality

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Support your health...

Korean red Ginseng is the most powerful strengthening means of Asian medicine and is rated as the most effective adaptogen.

Supports the
immune system
Works against fatigue and stress
Supports brain activity and improves memory
Supports blood circulation
Increases potency and reduces unwanted symptoms of menopause
0 %
pure extract

Our extracts are made from the highest quality roots grown and processed directly in Korea




Extract Gold is made from six-year-old roots without any additive. It has been used for thousands of years to achieve human longevity in good physical and mental condition.

0 mg/g
saponin content

Saponins (ginsenosides) are the most valuable substances inside ginseng. The amount of ginsenosides in the extracts is defined in mg/g. Extracts with the content of ginsenosides higher than 80 mg/g are considered to be of high quality.



of expirience

Ginlac is one of South Korea’s leading manufacturers with a wide range of products that carry the quality of Korea INSAM.

Korea INSAM - tradition & quality

Korean Ginseng Mark Korea INSAM is a registered national trademark for Korean ginseng and products made from it. This brand was registered by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture in 1999 to promote trade and to distinguish the original quality of Korean ginseng from other “ginseng” products and to protect quality and name. There are only a few manufacturers in South Korea who meet the demanding quality requirements and can use this brand on their products.

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