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Korean Ginseng

Pure ginseng (Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer) is the strongest strengthening resource of the Chinese medicine. It is evaluated as the most effective adaptogen.

This brand was registered by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture in 1999 to promote trade and to distinguish the original quality of Korean ginseng from other “ginseng” products and to protect quality and name. There are only a few manufacturers in South Korea who meet the demanding quality requirements and can use this brand on their products.


For many years, Ginlac has focused its efforts on research into new products and technologies. He holds several patents. They first began using fermentation, or milk fermentation, with Korean Ginseng.

During lactation, sugar is consumed and a number of acids are formed with enzymes, the most important of which is lactic acid. This occurs naturally in the intestine, where fermentations break large molecules into small ones that can pass through the cell membrane. But if we deliver the ferment already prepared, we will greatly ease our work, which is a great health benefit for many of us.

If we enrich ginseng products with fermented ginseng, we will greatly facilitate the processing and utilization of all active substances.

Support your health...

Korean red Ginseng is the most powerful strengthening means of Asian medicine and is rated as the most effective adaptogen.

Supports the
immune system
Works against fatigue and stress
Supports brain activity and improves memory
Supports Blood Circulation
Increases potency and reduces unwanted symptoms of menopause

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