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Red Coffee 50g

• World´s First Coffee with Korean Ginseng

• The unique combination of instant and freshly ground coffee enriched with pure red Korean Ginseng

• The instant blend for easy and comfortable preparation

• Thanks to the pure Korean Ginseng extract, you will feel the amazing rise of energy while enjoying the flavor and aroma of freshly roasted and finely ground Colombian coffee.

Product description:

It is a unique combination of instant and finely ground coffee enriched with 100% pure Korean Red Ginseng extract.

You can easily and quickly prepare coffee of the flavor and scent of freshly ground coffee beans and a gentle Ginseng touch. A unique combination of quality Colombian coffee and genuine Korean Ginseng will give your body the energy you need for the day.

Product name : Ginlac Red Coffee

Classification : Coffee

Content : 1gⅩ50EA(50g)

Ingredients : Coffee(Coffee powder 89.69%, Roasted coffee 10.31%) 97%, Red ginseng extract powder 3%

Origin : Coffee<Colombia>, Red ginseng<Korea>

Recommended intake and method : Add hot or cold water (100~150ml) per sachet and enjoy healthy coffee

Storage : Recommended to store in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight

Inner packing material : Polyethylene / Nitrogen charging in stick

Manufacturer : KUAN Industrial Co. Ltd.