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Premium Hydrating Facial Mask

Nourishing and energizing facial sheet mask containing the Korean  red ginseng
Extract  rich in saponin ingredient helps to your tired skin. It has brightening, anti-wrinkle and nourishing

  • Easy  and pleasant application
  • The highest quality ingredients directly from Korea
  • The sheet is certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Ingredients: Red ginseng extract, Aloe Vera, Portulaca Oleracea extract, Water, Glycerin, Collagen and

Korean cosmetics are rated as the best in the world, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies in the
processing of a wide range of medicinal plants. Among the most popular products are face sheet masks,
especially for their easy application and quickly visible effects.

After more than 30 years of experience in processing genuine Korean ginseng, the Ginlac company brings
you just such a mask. This is a premium moisturizing sheet mask with a unique composition and beneficial
effects for your skin.

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